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Egg Salad Sandwich

I haven’t had egg salad sandwich for a long time ! So this morning , since we got out from church quite early , i decided to make some . Egg salad is not something that you want to make often , because of the mayonaise in there 😉 They’re quite high in calories . Once in a while is okay , i guess it’s like everything else , you just have to eat them in moderation . I am not against eggs , in fact , our family consume egg daily , my son eats soft or hard boiled eggs every morning before school , they’re pretty nutritious . The only time that it’s not as good for you , when it’s mixed with lots of other things like mayonaise . But oh well .. anyway we enjoyed our egg salad sandwich for our lunch !!!

You need :

8 eggs

           1/4 – 1/2  cup mayonnaise , depends on your taste , if you think 1/4 is enough then it should be good then , if it’s too dry then add little bit more , i wouldn’t use more than 1/2 cup though for sure .

          1 1/2  teaspoon Dijon mustard

          Salt and freshly ground black pepper

          1/2 tsp. of smoked paprika

1. Bring water to boil , then boil your eggs for 12 minutes . Then remove and soak in cold water to stop the cooking process . Peel off the shells and set aside .

2. In a medium bowl , mix the mayonaise , dijon mustard , salt , pepper , green onion and smoked paprika . Mix them well .

3. Add your egg and start chopping them with knifes in the bowl , and mix them well . Taste it , if you need any salt then add little bit more to suit your taste .

4. Serve with lettuce on a toasted bun , or croissant sandwich .

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