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Baked Yellow Plantains ( Maduros Asados )

I had never tried plantains before . To me , plantains are huge banana , king banana , it reminds me back in Indonesia that we have what we call Pisang Agung , it’s huge , long and skinny . Of course back in Indonesia we have few varieties of bananas , unlike in US , what they call banana is just banana , almost looks like ” pisang ambon ” back Indonesia . Over there we have pisang raja , pisang ambon , pisang susu , and many many more .

This picture below is what we call Plantain , they’re big , more than normal size of bananas , and the more black spots they get , the better , and the riper they are . This below , is a picture of ripe plantain .I bought them about 2 or more weeks ago , it was still green when i bought it , that’s how long it took to get really ripe .

It is so easy to enjoy these plantains , i just line a parchment paper on the baking sheet and slice the bananas , brush with melted butter and i baked them for 20 minutes on each side , at 400 F . Because they’re sweet , they caramelize pretty good without having to add anything such as brown sugar , i guess you could if you want to , but i didn’t . And the result was delicious !! I guess the real maduros was supposed to be fried plantains , and i love fried food , everything tastes better fried i think , but in order to try to have a healthier snack , i think baking them is a better choice and beside it tastes pretty good anyway .


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