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Tofu Fritata with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Tonight we made tofu fritata with spicy peanut sauce , in Indonesia , we call this Tahu Telor Bumbu Kacang . The main ingredients would be tofu and egg , with the sauce made from peanuts . Then , you can top it with bean sprouts , green onion , and some indonesian crackers . Drizzle with the sauce and you’re ready for your meal . Tofu is considered a healthy food , and eggs are also healthy , so i can say this is pretty healthy food , except for the fact you have to watch for the peanut sauce , since nuts are high in calories . Other than that .. a plate of tahu telor would make you pretty much full .

For the sauce , you need :

handful of raw peanuts , or more , then roast it on the skillet for few minutes until golden brown , and smells good .

about 2 cloves of garlic

petis udang ( shrimp paste but not the powder kind ) <– optional , my mom used to use this all the time and it really adds more flavour , or you can always skip it , i didn’t have it on hand earlier , so i skipped it .

salt pepper

sweet soy sauce ( kecap manis )

2-3 bird’s eye chilis

warm water

1. Roast your peanuts , then transfer to the food processor , along with garlic and chilis , then pulse until it’s pretty much chopped , minced , smooth .

2. Then add little of water , to thin it out , add sweet soy sauce, to sweetened the sauce , or use sugar if you don’t have it , salt , pepper and if you use petis udang ( shrimp paste ) then add it in too . If the sauce is too thick yet , , add more water until your reach your desired consistency .

Next you need to make your tofu fritata :

Dice some tofu , not too small

Eggs , beaten

Add the tofu into the eggs and place in skillet , cook just like you make an omelette , until it’s done .Add some blanched bean sprouts , on top of the tofu fritata and then add your sauce , sprinkle with green onions .

Serve .

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