100% Sourdough Milk Sandwich Bread

This one recipe is awesome , credit goes to Barry Apek .I got the recipe from him . This sandwich bread has become our favorite in the house . My husband and son rave about it and that they like this the most .

I say …does that mean I’ll have to bake again this week ?

Absolutely ! The bread I made two days ago and mind you it’s in a large Pullman loaf so normally it’d last us for a week or at least 5 days . Not this one … They’ve been using it for toasts , for sandwiches for open face sandwich .. it’s so versatile and good for everything .

I fed my starter that morning before using it in the dough . I took out 80 grams of starter and fed it with 100% hydration , 80 grams water and 80 grams flour . I needed 240 grams active starter .

What I like about this was that I didn’t need to time for bulk fermentation , only rested the dough for 10 minutes before shaping and proofing . It did take a while to proof . 73 F room temperature took about 7-8 hours to proof . And of course in the summer as the weather gets warmer outside our house does too or just let it sit in the porch if the temperature outside is 80 F .

I used my large Pullman pan for this . I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted it to be square sandwich bread which means I had to keep the lid on . Or do I want it to be domed up and see how tall this can get .

Proofing half way

I ended up putting the lid on . I went on with my day , and during dinner time I checked and it was getting really close to the lid ..I said I’ll get to it after dinner . Only choice I had was whether I baked it with lid on ASAP or let it rise still .

By the time I finished dinner which was like 15 minutes later , it touched the lid .Yes the dough almost got torn , I tried to be as careful as I could so I won’t tear it . I did a little anyway ..

Touched the lid ..I let it proof longer still. Only about half inch above the rim . Next time I’ll do an inch above .

Overall tho I’m happy with the flavor , the texture and it was fun to make . Mixer is required because it needed to be kneaded for a good 18 minutes . Until window pane stage reached .

Ingredients :

  • 240 grams active starter ,100% hydration
  • 1 stick of butter , room temp
  • 220 grams unsweetened almond milk ( I mixed this with my low fat milk ) , like warm
  • 530 grams bread flour
  • 120 grams unsalted butter , I only used 1 stick actually which is 112 grams 路
  • 50 grams sugar
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • 1 large egg about 55 grams

Direction :

In a mixing bowl ( I use stand mixer ) , add in all ingredients , low speed to mix .

Knead for a good 18-20 minutes until window pane stage is reached on the next speed .

On a lightly floured surface , I stretch n fold then shaped it into a ball . Rest 10 minutes .

Shape the dough to your preference . I just divided it into 4 , n rolled it . Placed it in pan .

Proof about 7-8 hours until dough rise an inch above the rim .

Bake 375 for total 40-45 minutes .

Wait until totally cool before slicing it .
Love the texture !

Update , few days later I made this again. This time I let proofed until an inch above the rim .

Yum !

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