Pineapple Jam

Last week i bought this nice size pineapple . I thought it was pretty good deal , $2 for one pineapple . I had pineapple tart in mind actually , that’s why when i was shopping , i paid extra attention if they had some pineapple . They did , they’re pretty cheap actually , . They were all still greens , there were no ripe pineapple , but that’s okay . Figured i was in no hurry , and it can ripe when it wants to .

Fast forward probably a little bit over a week , i can see it started to ripe , it releases this sweet smell too . I still have pineapple tart in mind , but who knows after seeing and tasting this jam , it might be gone before i get the chance to make the dough for the cookies / tart by the end of this week .

On top of that i just baked sourdough boule this morning too . And not gonna lie , i just tried it , and it was good together .. LOL .

Anyway , the pineapple jam , took a while to make . Mostly like making risotto , you’re going to be busy babysitting this pineapple , no you cannot leave it alone . You can stand and stir the whole time .. LOL

So here it goes

Ingredients :

  • One large pineapple , peeled , rinsed and cut , get rid of the middle part , mine comes up about 1.2 kg ( 1200 grams ) , yes i weighed them
  • 200 grams of sugar , you can use less or more , i need this really sweet because like i mentioned i have pineapple tarts in mine ( would be used as a filling , otherwise just adjust to your preference )
  • 5 cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/4 tsp of kosher salt

Directions :

  • After cleaning the pineapple , cut them big chunks and throw them in the food processor . Mine takes 2 batches , won’t fit them all in . Pulse , few times until they’re pretty much disintegrate , not pulsing it too long . If you don’t have food processor , i am sure you can use grater , manually , and yes it’ll take some arm workout LOL
  • In a large non stick skillet , heat up your pineapple , under medium heat , add the rest of ingredients EXCEPT for the sugar , stir constantly . Don’t ignore this , i know it’ll take long for the liquid to totally evaporate , you need to babysit this pineapple . Keep stirring until all the liquid are almost gone . Turn it to low / simmer and still stirring
  • Then add sugar in , keep stirring until it changes color / caramelizing . I think it was about total 60-75 minutes of me standing and stirring .
  • You’ll notice they get darker and actually thicker , once they turn to be like dark honey color , take it off the heat .
  • Place it in a bowl and let it cool , store in a jar , in the fridge .

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