Another home workout day ..

This morning was rainy n it was a bit chilly . I made sure to warm up before starting my workout ..I was up a little late than I normally would .

It was a little tougher to start , I think the chilly weather , the rain , the cloud all made me think it’d be a good morning just to stay in laying on the couch n knit . Unfortunately I do not have any particular project at the moment . Or should I say luckily I don’t ..

Anyway , since I did upper yesterday it’s time to do lower body workout . Last week I did pretty similar and after that workout , my legs were shaky and I was sore the next two days . Slow and controlled when you don’t have weights I guess is the only way to do .

Tuesday workout was 🦵
Going into 3 weeks on this social distancing . I miss gym life ..🙄
But gotta do what I can

Lower body workout

I warmed up with jump rope , side squats , squats

Giant sets
Monster walk 3×15 each side
Speed squats 3×30
Banded side squat 3×30

Monster walk

Banded RDL 3×25
Curtsy lunge 3×15

Bulgarian split squat 3×15 each
Step up 3×15

Split squat
Step up

B stance rdl 3×12
Single leg squat 3×8

B stance rdl

Band pullthrough 4×15
Overhead squats 4×10

Cable pullthrough
Overhead squats

EMOM 3 rounds

  • Drop squat 30
  • Mt.Climbers 30
  • Speed squat 30
  • Criss cross lunge 25

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