Always start the week right …

With a workout . Monday to me is the start of a week and the start of a week means you shouldn’t miss any workout . Of course there’s circumstances sometimes that makes us skipping our workout .

But at this point … You n I and like many people in the world are pretty much stuck at home . Because we need to do our part , to flatten the curve . It annoys me when people don’t take this seriously .. but anyway that’s not what I want to talk about .

So because it’s Monday , we all need to start it right , to me , it sets the tone for the rest of the week . I decided Monday is upper body workout . If this was at the gym , I’d focus on push or pull day . I do push pull split but because I don’t have the equipment I need , I have to do what I have to do .

You just gotta do something ! I like doing my workout early in the morning but not like 5 am ! 🤣 I had to drink my water then my coffee , and get myself ready as if I’m going to the gym and voila .. the gym was only few seconds away from my living room 😂

Here’s the list for my Monday workout .

Upper Body Workout

Warm up – stretch , jump rope ( it was chilly lol so needed to warm up for sure )


  • Bicep Curls 4×12
  • Band Pull apart 4×12


  • inverted row 4xAMRAP
  • decline pushups 4×10

Compound sets

  • shoulder press 4×12
  • upright row 4×12
Shoulder press with resistance band
Upright row to me feels a bit awkward with the band


  • Single cable row 4×12
  • hammer curls 4×12
This is just like dumbell row without the bench
Hammer curls

Compound sets

  • lateral raise 4×10
  • front raise 4×10
Lateral raise
Front raise

Seated row 4×10

Abs : plank
Ab rollout

Finisher 3 rounds

  • jump rope 50
  • leap 15
  • Mt.climbers 25
  • half burpees 15

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