The start of a homeworkout ..

March 14th was the beginning of my home workout . I found things I bought few weeks prior to this , suddenly has become super useful .

Funny , I’m not the type of person who likes to buy fitness equipment but I suddenly really wanted that ab roller . Package I bought came with jump rope and mini parallettes . The mini parallettes I ended up using for pushups actually .

Decline pushups , use anything you can , coffee table , stairs , couch .. u choose ! I like how Mr.Tigger decided to relaxed underneath

But even without it , you still can do pushups easily , we all have floors . Do regular pushups will be just fine , knee on or off the floor , whatever works . I like doing pushups , as it is a total body workout .

Spiderman pushups

The ab roller I wanted so much to try , took a little more practice to be better . It definitely is harder than it looks . When doing it correctly you’ll only be able to do it very few with a good form . Otherwise if you find it not challenging enough , more than likely you’re not doing it correctly .

Ab rollout

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