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Hi everyone , it seems like it’s been ages since my last entry . Maybe it’s been several years . As we’re all aware by now , just like that the world has been turned upside down . Just a little over two weeks ago , actually was last day of school for my young teenager son . I believe it was March 12th . I just never thought that in an instant everything seems becoming so strange , out of normal .

My first social distancing day was that Friday , which was supposedly the beginning of spring break at school . We planned to go to visit my mother in law in Chicago area that weekend , but after watching news , I suggested that we postponed our trip . So there it began , social distancing day 1 .

I was thinking about hitting the gym that next morning as always but both my husband n son thought it wasn’t wise for me to go . I thought yeah maybe they’re right , hopefully I could go by Monday the week after .

Boy was I wrong .. things changed rapidly and it still is changing as I’m typing this entry . Throughout the time I try to stay positive , do what we can to help by staying in . We’re family of three , and we usually go out quite a bit , either driving , window shopping or eating out . But we haven’t done that for the past 15 days now . I’m sure everyone is experiencing the same thing , at least I hope you’re doing it . It upsets me seeing people still gathered in large group , not keeping their distances , but I know these things are things I cannot control .

As hard as it is realizing our world has changed , literally , globally , we’re not the only nation going through this , we’re in this together and it is important to stay positive . To keep our hopes n our faith . Otherwise when there’s no more hope , there’s nothing left .

I’ve established a little routine similar to my routine prior to this . They say to keep our mind sane in this strange time is to have a little routine . Kinda giving us a sense of normalcy in this abnormal world right now . Even tho the first week me n my husband went out on our walk at the park or jog , that didn’t seem normal to me . I usually workout in the morning , 5-6 days a week of lifting . That first week I kept myself busy doing chores . Needless to say , my kitchen were clean , the drawers were cleaned, the cabinets were rearranged . The pantry was reorganized . Everyday I had detail chores to do . Every afternoon when my husband got back from work we would hit the park to walk or jog.

By the end of that first week I ordered some resistance bands , still hoping the gym would be back open , but they eventually closed that Friday until March 31st which at this point I think they’ll still be closed . I bought a set of resistance bands online n went to pick them up curb side . By this time , most stores are closed , they only do curb side pick up , the essential stores such as pharmacy n groceries are kept open .

This past week , I started having my routine pretty much down . I go to bed n wake up same time , when my husband goes to work , I have an hour before i put my working out clothes n then I start working out in the garage . I completed 7 days in a row workout by this morning . Getting as creative as can as I go along , every single day .

On the kitchen part , it’s been non stop as well . I found myself cooking every single day , dinner and lunch . I’m grateful that I’m able to cook and bake . The grocery store was like a war zone ever since we had to practice social distancing . People were panicking , I felt like I was in other part of the world , shelves were empty , no fresh meat , eggs were gone , no flour left , no butter , no toilet paper . This was all the sight I’ve seen during the first week .

I’m just thankful that I still have enough food in pantry n freezer , enough flour and sugar to be able to bake my own bread . I hardly buy store bread anymore even before this started . And also because we don’t eat out at all anymore , it seems like we feel better too , not overly loaded with sodium , not bloated . Some days I find myself eating under my macro goals , but I’m not worrying too much about that . That would be the last thing I worry !

So I decided maybe it’s time to blog again , sharing some healthy food recipes which I’ve been focusing more n more the past three years . And also sharing some home workouts that we all can do , just have to keep on moving , staying positive , keep our hopes , and have faith , we’ll get through this together . Be kind , love one another , stay strong ♥️

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