DIY Terrarium

So , early spring , we took a lot of trip to the nursery , and being in Texas , it’s not unusual to see plenty of choices of succulents , and cacti plants .We ended up buying 1 , and we thought well , we’ll see how this grow , supposed to love drought and the key to success is not over watering it . Soon enough i was busy browsing about cacti , and found the new thing .. which was terrarium . Terrarium is considered an indoor gardening , although me , as much as i love gardening , i wouldn’t consider this a gardening activity . It’s fun to do though . It makes indoor planting a lot more fun and prettier . So what do you need to do for making your first terrarium ? Well .. for sure you need a glass container , or plastic maybe ? But i would think glass will be a better choice . I picked a large bowl , almost like a fish bowl . I went to pet store earlier and saw some , though my husband then told me , it probably be best if we can just get it from hobby store , one thing came to mind was Jo-ann and he was right , there was a large selection of glass container over there . And they also sell everything else you need such as the decorative rocks , moss and orchid bark . All of these you need when you want to make non succulent terrarium . But since i wanted to make cacti / succulent terrarium , i don’t need orchid bark or moss . The next thing you need is the decorative rocks , you can get this from pet store or hobby store , make sure you rinse it before using it . And then any other decorations you want . And you also need activated charcoal , this i had to get from pet store . And finally , the plants that you want to grow and soil . That’s it . First you need to wash your bowl and clean it really well , then rinse the rocks and any decorations you wanted to use . Alright . first layer will be your decorative rocks , and then layer it with the activated charcoal , and finally the dirt . I don’t put the dirt all at once , i do it as i put the plants in . You have to be careful esp. when you work with cacti with all the thorns . Move the dirt using a spoon to make it easier and less dangerous for your hand . And once you’re done planting , i added more decorative rocks on top of the soil , and arrange all the decorations i wanted to be in there . That’s it .. terrarium needs light , make sure you put them in an area that gets light , no direct sunlight though . Water when the soil becomes dry , cacti doesn’t like too much water . They’re supposed to be drought and heat tolerant plants . And here is my terrarium



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