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Brown Butter Pecan Brownies

It has been a while since i blog and it’s been a while since i baked . I was thinking about baking coconut cake , which i haven’t made for years by now .. but i changed my mind after seeing , i needed 3 sticks of butter just for the cake . Partly i was guilty because i had just finished my morning run and the thought of 3 sticks of butter .. made me re-think .

My solution .. well .. was brownies .. though it still uses butter .. but somehow i felt better with my choice LOL


This is brown butter pecan brownies , you can skip the nuts if you don’t like it , and it will still be yummy . But you def have to make the brown butter . Brown butter is easy , just melt the butter and let it boil for several minutes until it changes color , almost like caramel color , then you take it off the heat . The flavor of the brown butter makes this brownie special and much better than regular brownie .

Funny …. my friend said . ” who bakes brownies ? ” LOL .. well me .. it’s super easy and why would you want store brought brownies when you can make it super easy , quick and tastes much better ! Really , you don’t even have to own a mixer to make this !!

You will need :

10 tbsp. of unsalted butter

Melt this butter in a pan on a medium heat , once the butter is melted , do not take it off the pan , you need it to boil still until it is foamy and finally changes in color . It should look like this by 5 minutes and it should done , take it off the heat brown-butter

As soon as it’s off the heat , immediately add in :

1 1/3 cup of sugar

1/2 tsp. of salt

1 tsp. of vanilla extract

3/4 cup of cocoa powder

Mix it well with wooden spoon , then replace with whisk . Once it’s all blended , add in :

2 large eggs , add the egg one at a time and whisk well until combine .

The batter should look shiny at this point , then add in

1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp. of all purpose flour

Mix well and finally add in 3/4 cup of pecans if you’re using .


Preheat oven at 325 F , line a parchment paper on a square pan 8x8x2 , and pour the batter into the pan . Bake for about 25 minutes .


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