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Preferment and how to take care of your seed

The last time we left off , we were around mixing the ‘ mother starter’ or we can call this ‘preferment’ stage . That previous entry was all about the ‘seed’ , without the seed we won’t be able to create a mother starter to make the bread .

So how did the mother starter / preferment looks like ? Well after leaving it on the counter for few hours . probably around 4 hours . This really depends on the temperature in your house , mine was at 68 F , warmer and it will double quicker for you . Remember i have 2 batches of the seed , from those 2 seeds , i tried 2 mother starters .

This one using the recipe from Peter Reinhart’s book , according to him , using bread flour . It rose really nicely .



The second batch was from MaryAnn’s recipe ( from Jaklamas Farm , , using regular all purpose flour preferment2

The first one rose significantly , the second one rose just enough by the time i took this picture . But i ended up using both of them with great result !

So what do we do with the rest of the seed ? Well i put them all in the fridge , Ben and Jerry , that’s what i call those 2 seeds in different bowls .

After almost a week in the fridge , i took them out to feed them . I haven’t fed them since Monday , so last night was day 5 since the last feeding , i believe you can do this once a week or if you use them often , you might need to feed them often and can leave them on the counter . I don’t need them often , so i left them in the fridge since i had enough preferment for me to make the bread anyway .

So i took them out , they look good , not as bubbly as the first time i put them in , but i let it sit on the counter while i mixed up their ‘food’ which i use equal amount of flour and water as the seed . So if i had 80 grams of seed , i fed them with 80 grams of flour and 80 grams of water . The flour and water has to be the same amount of the seed , because these seed ” ben and jerry ‘ will need to eat those flour and water in order to grow . And if there’s not enough food for the crowd , they won’t grow ( bubbles ) , which make sense anyway . Put it this way , if you have 2 babies , but you feed them with food for just 1 baby , the babies won’t grow and won’t be happy because they don’t have enough food . So 1:1:1 seed :flour:water

This is how they looked right after i took it out from the fridge , last feeding was 5 days ago , and right after i mixed up with the food .

ben and jerry1

They actually looked pretty good right after from the fridge before feeding , I had just stirred Ben so it didn’t look so bubbly , but before that it was as bubbly as Jerry . Then i fed them .

This picture below right here , took 2 hours right after the feeding , they’re already quite happy and bubbly. So they’re doing good , this morning they look even better . I didn’t check overnight , all i know they look good in the morning .

ben and jerry2

Also , usually during feeding , you will be instructed to discard some of them and just to keep certain amount , unless you want to end up with lot more seed !! In that case , since i hate throwing away food , i didn’t throw them away , i used half of the seed to make sourdough pancake just like i did before .

So now that your seed is happy again , either use it to make more preferment , which i just did this morning , or you can store it in the fridge . Always feed them before you store it in the fridge though .

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