DIY Tiered Flower Pot

Few days ago as i was browsing and wasting my time on Pinterest , i ran across this cute idea of making tiered flower pot . I thought why have i never thought about this before ? Of course we’ve seen in the a huge green houses , beautiful pots on top of pots with beautiful colorful impatiens or petunias or allysum . It’s just pretty !!

So , yesterday i set my mind to this , i knew i had that 1 huge pot laying around doing nothing , then a small pot in the back porch that used to have basil before winter last time , now it was just sitting there doing nothing . And super small one that had my thyme ( i eventually had to remove the thyme somewhere else ) . The only thing i had to get was a medium pot , which i got from the grocery store as i had to do my grocery shopping earlier that day .

Basically you just need 4 pots , the biggest one goes on the bottom , then the medium pot on top , small and finally the highest one would be the smallest pot . You will need a rod too , now if your pots don’t have holes in the bottom middle part , you might have to get your dremel tools out and make a hole in each pot . Make sure the rod is small enough to go through that holes too . I found a stick from my neighbourhood since there are lots of houses being built , my problem was 2 pots don’t have holes , and for the clay pot in the middle , the wood stick was too big , so i had to have my husband get his saw and cut it smaller .

Here you can see from the picture , the pots that you will need and of course , do not forget the dirt !!

1. Get your pots ready , check the bottom , if they’re made from clay usually it has holes on the bottom , if it’s plastic like some of mine ,chances are you might have to make holes on the bottom . Fill in the biggest pot with dirt , then insert the wooden rod / stick in the middle ( just like making tiered cake )


tiered pots1

2. Fill in the dirt as you go .

tiered pots2


3. Let’s start planting our flowers . I used petunias , impatients and allysum .

tiered pots3

4. And it’s done !!! Once they grow fuller , it will look so much prettier , impatients will be bushy and petunias will be trailing and allysum will spread just like what it supposed to do , as a ground cover . Be wise in choosing the type of flower you want to plant in this tiered pots . For example , you do not want to put geranium on the bottom pot , i can see on the highest one it should work , Look for something that will spread horizontally for the bottom pots .Have fun !

tiered pots4

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