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Pasta with Sausage Sauce

This dish was easy to prepare for me , but not when you don’t have all the ingredients ready made . First of all , the week before i made home made sweet italian sausage , with plenty leftover , we ended up freezing the sausage since we didn’t have anymore use for it . The pasta , was also home made , a week ago too that i put in the freezer . So basically all i had to make was the sauce . And again the sauce was super easy , the recipe is here , And so , what’s left to do was cooking the pasta , if using a store box pasta , follow the direction . But you should first make the sauce , while it’s simmering . You can brown your sausage , you can buy it from the store or make it with the recipe here . Once it’d done browning , set aside , let the pasta finish simmering . Once it’s done , mix the sausage with enough sauce , let it simmer again for 20 minutes ot so , while cooking the pasta . And you should be done .. serve warm sprinkle with chopped parsley and freshly grated parmesan cheese .

sausage pasta

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