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Egg in a Toasted Bread w/ Bechamel Sauce

I’ve mentioned before that we love eggs ! We cook eggs for breakfast most of mornings , whether it’s boiled , soft or hard , scrambled , or baked , whatever , we cook lots of eggs ! So this morning , i tried to think a new way how to cook the eggs , my son is in his summer break , and he said scrambled eggs is fine , but i thought .. why not trying to make something different . I came up with the idea , of egg in toasted bread , except , everything has to be cooked on the skillet , instead of toasting the bread in the toaster . It’s not hard at all , just make sure you make a hole in the middle of the bread , not too big , because you will end up having to use 2 eggs , like i did this morning LOL .

These are the ingredients you need :

Eggs , bread ( white , wheat , sourdough , whatever .. ) , margarine / butter , salt and pepper . Okay , ready ?

1. Melt butter or margarine in a skillet , medium low heat . While it’s heating , grab 1 slice of bread , then make a hole right in the middle of the bread , don’t have to be perfect , just make a hole , not too wide , if it’s too wide you will end up having to put 2 eggs in . Then , place the bread in the skillet , and crack 1 egg right in the hole of the bread .

2. Cook until you see the white part on the bottom of the egg is solid . Then flip the bread and egg carefully with spatula , and cook that side until the white part is solid . 

3. Remove the egg in toast in a serving plate . You can eat it like this , or , you can make bechamel sauce for the topping .

For bechamel sauce , you will need :

2 tbsp. of unsalted butter

2 tbsp. of all purpose flour


salt and pepper

1. In a skillet , melt the butter , then add the flour , cook the flour for about a minute or two with a whisk , keep stirring so it won’t get burnt .

2. After 2 minutes , while keep whisking , pour milk into the skillet , try about 1/2 cup , and you can keep adding until the you reach the desired thickness . You can make it very thick like a gravy , or a little bit runnier too , which means you will need more milk . I didn’t measure my milk into the skillet , i just pour a little bit at a time , keep whisking though or else you will end up with lumps in the sauce . Add salt and pepper to taste .

Here is the end result , egg in a toasted bread with bechamel sauce, when you cut in the middle , the egg yolk should oozes out from the bread , that’s how it should be . But if you prefer a fully cooked egg yolk , make sure you cook under low heat so the bread won’t burnt , while you’re cooking the yolk .





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