Everyone loves pizza , right ? In our household , we usually make home made pizza once a month , it’s always fun making your own pizza . And they’re not that hard anyway . We usually make our own pizza crust and pizza sauce , if you are short on time , i cheat with the sauce , and used a canned sauce , but i have to adjust the taste , either add more garlic powder , onion powder , italian seasonings , pinch of sugar etc .. Tonight we made pizza , this time i made some individual pizza , everyone can choose and build their own pizza . I usually cook the veggies , because since it’s individual it will not be cooked too long in the oven , and i want my veggies a cooked just a little bit . So .. the recipe is about the same with pizza margherita recipe .. the sauce too .. just choose your own topping .. whether it’s red pepper , green pepper , red onion , sweet onion , mushrooms , bacon , sausage , pepperoni . Make sure you cook the bacon and sausage before adding them on the pizza . You can put pineapple , anchovy , olives .. whatever you want .. then top it with any cheese of your choice .. mozzarella usually the cheese for pizza , but who said you can’t go with cheddar or colby jack ? any cheese will work !!

So , check out these pictures of the pizza we built tonight and if you want to try it , use this recipe .

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