Bourbon Balls

I don’t think i ever made any rum balls before we moved to Tennessee . I am sure it was already popular back then , but just never thought of making them . The first year we’re here , i made them , i remember how my stylist was really enjoying them , she kept raving about how yummy the cookies especially the rum balls .

The year after i think i skipped making them . Until last year i started making them again and took them to my friend’s christmas party . There was a funny story about this . She had a slow cooker full of hot cocoa , and i brought different kinds of cookies for the party , including the rum balls . I told her that these balls are for adults only , she better put them separately from the regular cookies , because of the alcohol in it . So later on i saw her with another friends , having cup of hot cocoa . They both were giggling and looked like having a great time in the corner . Later on I joined in and she said everyone hanging around the corner because that’s where the rum balls were located at LOL .. She then told me to mix with the hot cocoa , it was super yummy . Of course i had to have them too . No kidding it was yummy !

This year i decided to replace the rum with bourbon . Turned out one of my old christmas celebration book , has recipe for this , it is called bourbon balls . I made some adjustment . Made couple batch , then i made another batch , in total before christmas i made 4 batches of these . Most of them went for the cookie trays for friends and neighbors . But the last batch was for us , and it was much better ! The last adjustment i made was with less sugar , more bourbon ( of course better lol ) and pulse the wafers until it is super smooth like sand . So here we go ..

Ingredients :

  • About 2.5 cups of store brand vanilla wafers ( why spending twice as much when store brand makes yummy balls anyway , this is about one whole bag makes 2.5 cups ) , if you use food processor , make sure you run it until it’s super super smooth . I used nutri bullet for my last batch and it is actually turned out smoother and finer than using food processor .
  • 1 cup of dark chocolate chip , i used Belgian dark chocolate from Aldi
  • almost 3 tbsp of light corn syrup
  • a little bit over 1/8 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup of bourbon ( the last batch , i ended up using about 1/2 cup )

Direction :

  • You can melt the chocolate using double boiler , or in the microwave . In the microwave though you have to watch it carefully , otherwise it’ll burn the chocolate pieces. Easier with double boiler , but more mess to clean .
  • After all chocolate is melted , add the syrup , sugar and the bourbon . Mix well , you can use handheld mixer here too .
  • Add 2.5 cups of crushed vanilla wafers into the chocolate mixture . Mix well with handheld mixer .
  • Let it sit for about 30 minutes before shaping them into balls . Store in container .
  • Before serving , some people like to roll them into powdered sugar , because to be honest , it doesn’t have the prettiest look , so , roll in sugar if you’d like , i actually prefer it just as is , it tastes very yummy . I’d think with extra sugar it will be overly sweet .

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