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Soft Boiled Eggs & Toasts

When i was younger , i remember that my mom loved making this for my breakfast . Eggs are healthy , you can either make sunny side eggs , scrambled eggs ,omelette or hard boiled and soft boiled eggs . I hardly had hard boiled eggs , i don’t know why , but i guess my mom thinks it wasn’t the yummiest to eat it alone . My husband loves hard boiled eggs , the only bad thing about hard boiled eggs , you have to add at least butter / margarine on top , to make it yummy and sprinkle a little salt . While soft boiled eggs , you can skip the butter / margarine altogether and just sprinkle little salt , you can do without also . Then , also add some toast on the side to dip it into . The toasts thing i found out recently , because back in Indonesia , bread isn’t something that we always have in the pantry . Bread isn’t main food , rice is ! So , we have bread occasionally , but my mom didn’t own any toaster either , so i guess no sense buying bread and trying to make toasts to be dipped into the soft boiled eggs .

Just recently , i started missing these soft boiled eggs , and when i introduced them to my son , he loved it instantly . He normally had hard boiled eggs in the busy morning . But he loves soft boiled eggs too . Just this morning i introduced him the toasts to be dipped into the soft boiled eggs . And guess what ? He loves it too .

Soft boiled eggs are super easy to make , just bring water to almost boil , where you can see tiny little bubbles started to come out , and then drop your eggs one at a time carefully . If the water is rolling boil , your eggs will crack when you drop them in . So probably would be best to bring the egg slightly to room temperature , before you start boiling the water , take the eggs out from the fridge .

And once you drop the eggs in the pot full of water , cover with the lid and shut the heat off . Let it sit for 8-9 minutes . And once it’s done , run under cold water to stop the cooking process . And serve with toasts .

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