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Cabbage Kimchi ( Yangbaechu Kimchi )

This is the kimchi i made from Maangchi website . She called it emergency kimchi , just in case your local grocer doesn’t carry napa cabbage , in my case , the korean market is not that close , well about 40 minutes . Driving in the weekend is okay , but during weekdays , i have other things to do than making a trip to korean market . Local grocer is only 5 minutes away , the only problem , they usually either don’t carry napa cabbage , or napa cabbage could cost 3 times or 4 times as much as when you get it from korean market . So .. the solution , is to make cabbage kimchi . Cabbage is cheap enough , today i got it for 50 cents per pound , which costs me only $2.00 to make this kimchi . Considering you have the rest of ingredients on hand , in my case .. i do 🙂 And i love how easy and quick and not time consuming , but you still have the great taste in it . I adjusted some to my preference , so here it is .

You will need :

2 lbs of green cabbage

1/4 cup of salt

1 cup of cold water

Cut the cabbage into strips , put them in a large bowl , add the salt and water , mix well with your hand . Let it sit for 15 minutes . While you prepare the paste :

1/3 cup of red pepper flakes

1/4 cup of fish oil ( i used less because i didn’t care too much for fish oil )

1/4 cup of minced garlic

1/3 cup of chopped green onion

1/4 cup worth of julienne carrot

2 tbsp. sugar

Mix this ingredients all together to make a paste .

Then , wash the cabbage with water , rinse 3 times well with cold water , drain . Then add the paste into the cabbage and mix with your hands well . Store in airtight container .


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