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Spicy Pulled Pork Pop

Lately i have been a fan of a quick easy and last forever meal .. I just hardly had the time to spend in the kitchen with running around here and there , and homeschooling , and the new hobby of mine of knitting . The kitchen took a step back , but that doesn’t mean i can forgo my family’s meal . I still am a make from scratch kind of a girl , but i love how easy some meal can be prepared but it still delicious and nutritious . Not that this recipe is very healthy for you .. since it has pop / soda in it .

Sounds crazy ? well i made ham with coca cola before , so the idea of cooking pork shoulder or pork butt with dr.pepper to me wasn’t so crazy . The recipe was found online and i’ve made it 3 times so far . My family likes it , i like it because it has a good taste and it lasts a long time .. you can make pulled pork sandwich , you can turn this into taco , you can turn it into burrito bowl , just by adding pico de gallo that is super easy to make , and warm up some shell and make some pinto beans . So it is very versatile , or you can just eat it with rice and vegetables .. so there .. what more could you ask ?

pulled pork pop


Ingredients :

About 5-6 lbs of pork shoulder or pork butt , trim a little of the fat but dot remove all of them

24 oz of dr.pepper or any store brand would do

2 large cans of chipotle in adobo sauce , if you don’t like spicy just use 1 , or small can . I like the spiciness

2 tbsp. of brown sugar

salt and pepper

2 large onions , quartered

Throw all these ingredients in a large dutch oven , put the lid back on . Turn your oven to 300 F , and throw the dutch oven in the oven , let it slow cook for at least 6 hours . By 6 hours your pork should be so tender , and will fall apart . Serve in a sandwich buns or make taco or burrito etc ..

Chipotle Pulled Pork

This recipe i found when i was browsing online , it’s one of those days when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen because you’re busy doing something else . And in my defense it is because i was being crafty that day , and i was too busy producing a beanie per day for fall and winter accessories . But anyway this recipe is so awesome , so yummy , surprisingly easy , but not quick . It is delicious , but it’s not a quick meal . I had to cook this at least 5 hours , it depends how big your meat is . The pork shoulder ( one of my favorite ) , is really versatile , and they’re so delicious , but the key is to cook them long and slow , and you will be rewarded with tender and juicy meat .

And did i mention it will be spicy ? Well from the name , Chipotle , it tells you that it will be spicy .  I think you guys can handle it , my son who is only 9 years old thinks that this dish isn’t spicy . But then again sometimes when it’s not spicy he said it’s spicy . His taste buds is a bit messed up i guess LOL If you don’t like spicy stuff i suggest just used 1 pepper from the can . I used chipotle in adobo sauce and they can get really spicy , the heat builds up on you , not spicy in the first bite , then warmer second bite , and it will get warmer and warmer and eventually you’ll agree .. this is hot .

So here it is :

4-5 lbs of pork butt / pork shoulder , rinse , then salt pepper the pork all over

1 large onion , quartered

24 oz dr. pepper , or you can use coke .. i don’t see why not

11 oz can chipotle in adobo sauce


3 heaping tbsp. of brown sugar

1. Lay the onion on the bottom of dutch oven , place the pork on top , pour the soda in , add in the chipotle along with the sauce , use 1 if you don’t like spicy . Add in the brown sugar . Cover the lid tightly , then throw them in the oven 300 F , cook for 5-6 hours . Turn the meat 2-3 times during cooking time .

2. After 5-6 hours , the pork should be super tender where u can just use fork to pull it apart . Serve with rice , or on taco shells , or with texas toasts , etc

chipotle pulled pork

Chinese Meatballs ( Bakwan Goreng Babi )

When i was back in indonesia , this was one of my favourite food , meatballs . Unlike americans / italians meatballs , chinese meatballs that i know was deep fried , and they usually used pork and shrimp , sometimes my mom would put ” bengkuang ” i can’t remember what this called in english . But yes , always delicious with spicy hot sauce on the side .. I love this meatballs , they’re crunchy and yummy , you can always eat it with rice , or just alone as a snack ..

bakwan babi

Here is my recipe

1 lb of ground pork , ( taco pork would be good because it has more  fat than regular ground pork )

1 lb of shrimp , peeled and deveined , then chopped

0.5 lbs of white fish fillet ( could be tilapia , cod or anything white fish )

fish sauce

3 eggs

salt , pepper and sugar

tapioca flour


1. In a food processor , pulse the fish fillet until it’s smooth like a paste . Then add the ground pork , pulse until it’s all mixed well . Add the chopped shrimp , you can always put the shrimp and let the food processor do the chopping , but chances are your ground pork will be too smooth .. i like a little texture on my meatballs , so it’s your up to your preference .

2. Transfer to a large bowl , add 3 beaten eggs , salt , pepper , sugar and fish sauce . Add the tapioca flour , and cornstarch . The cornstarch will help your meatballs to be really crunchy . And stays crunchy for a while even when it’s in room temperature .

3. Deep fried in a large pot with oil , enough corn / canola oil so that the meatballs would submerge . Cook about 5-6 minutes , medium heat .