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Slow Cooked Chicken Teriyaki

I ran to this recipe online , it was adapted from Rachael Ray’s website , she’s famous with her quick 30 minutes meal . Well this one wasn’t a quick 30 minutes meal , and i am not really into her recipes either . But this one caught my eye .. easy and it’s like forget it and let it cook by itself .  It doesn’t call for too much ingredients , but one thing that you must have , it’s the teriyaki sauce itself . Although in my opinion , you can always make your own teriyaki , this recipe also similar to my Indonesian Ginger Chicken recipe , that one though you make your own sauce .

Anyway , in case you do not have slow cooker , you can always use dutch oven and let it cook in the oven with low temperature and cook for about 3 hours or so . But most people now , they have slow cooker .. so anyway , here it is , a recipe for a quick and easy yet yummy food !

You will need :

3 lbs of chicken thighs , you can always replace the dark with white meat , but cooking time would be shorter too

cornstarch , enough to dredge the chicken on it

Olive oil

Dredge the chicken on the cornstarch and shake off the excess starch , and brown on each side for 4 minutes , high heat . Transfer into the slow cooker or dutch oven .

5-6 garlic cloves , minced

3-4 tbsp. ginger , minced

1 small onion , chopped

bunch of cilantro , chopped

1 bottle of teriyaki sauce

3-4 tbsp. of honey

Pour all ingredients above into the slow cooker on top of the chicken . Let it cook on low for 5 hours of high for 3 hours . If you use dutch oven , bake at 325 F , for about 3 hours .

Once it’s done , serve on a bed of jasmine rice , and topped the chicken with julienne of cucumber , red bell pepper , and carrots , mix with lime and few drops of olive oil .


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