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Linguine with spicy turkey sausage

Tonight i made this dish , original recipe calls for italian sausage , but since we’ve been trying to eat some healthy stuff , i ended up replacing the sausage with turkey sausage . I picked Jenny-O , hot italian turkey sausage . Turned out to be pretty delicious too , as for the linguine i stick with the regular , instead of the whole wheat , i got traumatized the last time i used whole wheat linguine because they get so dry , maybe i needed to cook them longer , but i don’t like overcooked pasta , we love al dente pasta . So anyway , i also added red bell pepper , and used a whole pint of grape tomatoes , i am sure you could add more than 1 pint , but i think that was enough for the whole pound of linguine that i made . Here is the picture and also the recipe for this simple and light pasta dish .

Ingredients :

1 lb of linguine

1 lb of italian hot turkey sausage , crumbled

olive oil

4 cloves of garlic

2 tsp. of ground red pepper

1/2 red bell pepper , roughly chopped

1 pint of grape or cherry tomatoes

salt , pepper

1. Cook the linguine according to the direction on the box . Once it’s done reserve 1/2 up of starchy water from the pasta

2. In a skillet , add olive oil just enough to cover the bottom of the skillet , add the crumbled sausage , cook for 5 minutes until brown , add chopped garlic and bell pepper , cook 1-2 minutes . Add 1 pint of tomatoes , cover , cook for 10 minutes or until tomatoes burst out .

3. Smash the tomatoes with potato masher , add the ground red pepper , stir well , add the pasta a little bit at a time , mix well so the sauce will cover the pasta , add 1/2 cup of starchy water , mix well again , add salt pepper to taste .

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