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Caramelized Grape Tomatoes with Sausage Rigatoni

This is a simple pasta dish that i thought .. should be quick to make and delicious and easy . I was inspired with one of the recipe on the website , but , i didn’t like the fact that the dish didn’t include garlic or onion . So i adjusted the recipe and added few ingredients that i think is a must in italian dish ..

You need :

1 package of hot italian sausage , if u don’t like hot , choose the sweet sausage then

Olive oil

In a pan , heat the olive oil , slice the sausage and then cook until it’s done and brown . Remove , set aside , discard the fat .

1 large onion

1 shallot

5-6 garlic , minced

1/4 cup of marsala wine

2 pints of grape tomatoes

1 tsp. of oregano

salt and pepper

rigatoni , cooked according to the direction , save about 1/3 cup of pasta water

In the same pan , add little more olive oil , then add the onion , shallots , cook about 4 minutes , add the garlic , cook for another minute , add the marsala wine , about 2 minutes , then add the grape tomatoes , sausage  , oregano , salt and pepper  , cover with the lid , let it cook under medium heat , about 10 minutes , until the tomatoes popped . Then add the pasta water , and stir . Sauce should be thicken , adjust the seasoning , salt pepper or sugar in case it’s too sour . Mix with rigatoni .. serve warm with basil on top and freshly grated parmesan cheese . 

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