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Sable Cookies ( French Butter Cookies )

I never heard of sable cookies , until , my sister mentioned it . She gave me her recipe for sable cookies , so i made them yesterday , thinking , this should be good . It is however , a recipe from a pastry chef . She is a pastry chef . But in my mind . i thought .. all the ingredients were about the same with the original butter cookies recipe . The recipe i got from my mother in law . Except , french butter cookies use egg yolks and while my butter cookies used whole eggs . I thought i gave it a try anyway . When it was all done , i took a bite , and it was slightly different , but you almost can’t notice the difference , and they’re harder to work with the cutter , unlike the butter cookies that i normally make . I managed to use a cutter anyway and they turn out pretty and still yummy .


Directions : 

375 gr. of unsalted butter

350 gr. of sugar

150 gr. of egg yolk

10 gr. of salt

18 gr. of baking powder

500 gr. of all purpose flour

1. Beat the butter and sugar until it’s fluffy . Add sugar , beat until it’s fluffy . Then add the egg yolks one at a time until combined , scrape the edges if needed . Then add baking powder , salt and flour . Chill the dough for couple hours , so it will be easy to handle .

2. Roll the dough out , and using cookie cutter to cut it , bake at 350 F for 13 minutes or so .

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