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Capcay Kuah ( sup sehat )

My mom used to call this sup sehat , which means ,healthy soup . It is healthy because the main ingredients would be vegetables .I could always just skip the meat and using tofu as the only protein source . But having a 7 years old , doesn’t guarantee that he would eat the tofu .. so i had to throw in some fish balls , shrimp balls , and lobster balls in the soup . For some people , they call this capcay , capcay would be vegetable stir fry , except ,the difference is , the vegetable stir fry doesn’t have the broth , but this one does , and it can be easily called soup .

It is very simple and quick , doesn’t require a lot of waiting time , even the preparation time is super quick . So if you want something healthy on a busy weeknight , this is your choice . You can use any vegetables that you have on hand , i happened to have cabbage , broccoli , carrot , and tofu , so those are the stuff that i used along with the fish balls . But if you have chinese cabbage , you can use that too , if you have cauliflower , that will work too , or mushroom , or whatever , just don’t use lettuce , no green iceberg lettuce !! LOL

You need :

Any vegetables , carrots , cabbage , chinese cabbage , mushroom , cauliflower , broccoli , baby carrot , straw mushroom, shiitake mushroom , tofu , snow peas , sugar peas ( you can use all of them or pick and choose whatever you like )


Garlic , i used about 3-5 cloves

1/2 large size onions , sliced

oyster sauce

chicken bouillon cube


salt and pepper


1. In a medium pot, heat up the oil , then add garlic and onion , cook for about a minute or two . Then add the vegetables , the ones that take a long time to cook should be added now , ones that cook really quick such as tofu , you can add it later on when it’s almost done .

2. If you use any meat , you might want to add it now too , i used fish balls , and i add now too .

3. Add the oyster sauce , probably about 2 tsp, doesn’t need to be much , it’s only for a flavour . Then add the chicken cube , and then add water .

4. Bring to boil , and add the rest , the veggies that doesn’t require quick cooking , in my case i added the tofu last . Once it boils , turn it down and simmer for 5 minutes . Then it’s done !! Serve warm .


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