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( Any meat ) and Vegetable Stir Fry

Yes , you can use any kind meat for your protein source when you’re making stir fry . Indonesian usually call this Cap Jay , ( Cap Jae ) , but most westerners call this Stir Fry .I love stir fry , it’s easy , quick and healthy . Yesterday i marinated pork chop that i cut thinly , and then just choose any vegetables you like , and you’re all set to cook it ! Stir fry has the best taste when they’re fresh , i wouldn’t recommend leftovers stir fry .. so don’t cook too much , just enough , because when you reheat them , the vegetable gets too mushy and it just doesn’t taste as good .

These are the vegetables i used , carrots , snowpeas , broccolis , oyster mushroom , enoki mushroom , onion and cabbage . I put more list of vegetables you can use in the recipe below . You can always pick the vegetables that you like and stick with them .

When i don’t feel like eating chicken or pork , i used fishballs as my protein source for the stir fry .

You need :

Meat .. any kind , then sliced them thinly , add 1 egg white , couple glugs of white wine , salt and pepper and couple tbsp. of cornstarch .

Let it sit for an hour in the fridge .

Vegetables , any kind of vegetables , i used cabbage , broccoli , carrots , snap peas , shiitake mushroom , you can also use edamame , red or yellow pepper , baby corn , straw mushrooms .. etc ..

Since the carrots take a while to cook , and stir fry is very quick .. i boil water and add the carrot , and boil it for about 5-7 minutes until the sliced carrots is a little tender , not too soft , you don’t want a mushy carrot . Then remove and set aside . For the broccoli , i also boil water , add some salt , and add the broccoli and blanch for 3-4 minutes , then remove from the pot .

Make sure you have 2 cups of chicken broth , you can buy it from a can or from your home made or from chicken bouillon cube. And then in a small bowl / cup , mix about 2 tbsp. cornstarch , with 2 tsp. sesame oil , 2 tbsp. mirin , and salt , pepper and sugar , if it’s too thick , add a little water , mix well set aside .

Okay , now heat vegetable oil in a big wok , brown your sliced marinated meat , ( under medium high heat ) , this shouldn’t take long at all , probably few minutes until the meat is done . Then remove and set aside . Clean the wok , add oil , then add sliced onion ( about 1 large onion ) and about 4-5 garlic cloves , and about 1-2 tsp. minced ginger ( or ground ginger ) , cook for 30 seconds , add scallions ( green onion , about 3 of them ) , and then add your vegetables , started with the longest one to cook .. maybe cabbage , then add your snap peas , cook for a little bit , and then add the rest of the vegetables , and meat , pour the chicken broth into the wok , and then cook until it boils , and add your thickener agent ( cornstarch , sesame oil , mirin mixture ) and keep stirring , then it will get thick and become the sauce for your stir fry . Sprinkle with sesame seed if you have it on hand , and serve !

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