Roti Sisir ( Indonesian pull apart sweet bread )

Years and years ago when i was growing up in Indonesia , we used to have this kind of bread they sell at the store , we called it Roti Sisir , it was more like a pull apart bread , except it’s thin , and wide , and each layer has sweet butter in between . Just like comb , so they call it roti sisir , sisir means comb .

Recently i started thinking about this type of pull apart bread , i still remember how it should taste like , it was like a sweet dough base . So i decided to try it . The flavor obviously is not exactly the same , but it has the same concept , and i tried to mimic the way they put the dough together , i don’t have wide enough pan to hold this . The first attempt i ended up putting all the dough in 1 loaf pan and didn’t turn out so well , they rose too much in the oven and it’s like an exploding accordion . The second time i thought about it and decide to weigh by grams and then putting them in 2 loaves . Super easy to make and it’s soft and sweet .

Ingredients :

  • 460-500 grams of bread flour ( start with 460 and add if you need to )
  • 170 ml warm milk ( i used skim milk )
  • 7 grams yeast
  • 75 grams unsalted butter
  • 70 grams sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 egg yolks and 1 whole egg

Directions :

  • In a mixing bowl , add all ingredients together . Make sure milk is warm about 90 F . Melt the butter and slightly cool it .
  • Add the sugar and butter into the warm milk . Pour this ingredients into the mixing bowl .
  • Add beaten eggs , flour , salt and yeast .
  • Knead , add flour if you need to . Continue kneading until window pane stage . Dough should be smooth , elastic , not too try , slightly tacky , and cleans the side of the bowl . About 8 to 10 minutes .
  • Take it out , shape into a ball , place it in a large bowl . Let it rise in a warm area , about 1 hour or so .
  • Take out the dough , degas ( doesn’t mean punching it ) divide into 2 , i like to shape them into small balls , about 30-40 grams in weight .
  • Roll them out like jelly roll , and flatten the side , Make sure it’s the same width of the pan . Do the same with all of the balls .
  • Mix 2 tbsp room temperature butter with about 2 tbsp powdered sugar . Slather sugar butter on top of each flattened dough .
  • Place the dough on the loaf pan , divide evenly between the two pans . I lined my pans with parchment paper .
  • Let it proof one more time , about 60 minutes or so . Then bake at 325 F , for about 40 minutes . Once it’s out , brush it with leftover butter sugar on the top crust . Let it cool

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