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Jay’s sweet spicy fish and sauteed bok choy

That was dinner tonight in our household . I hate it when Jay makes the fish .. take that as a compliment . Why do i hate it ? Because i cannot stop with just eating 1 plate !! I always end up getting 2nd plate with it . It was and always is , so yummy , it was hard just to stop with 1 plate . Jay used catfish , and put green onions , garlic , sambal oelek in a jar , soy sauce , yellow onion , thai chili pepper and sugar . As simple as that , but it’s so delicious !!

I cooked the bok choy , another simple recipe , cut and wash the veggies , and then sauteed garlic in the oil , and added sugar , and then added the hard part of the veggies then leaves part in there , soy sauce , and pepper , and then thicken it with cornstarch , oh not to forget the thai pepper , sprinkle with sesame seed and sesame oil . It was so good pairing it with the fish and rice .

I can say this was quite healthy dinner .. can i ? 🙂

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