French Dip

Well the family asked for french dip for tonight’s dinner . I sort of figured that’s what they were going to ask anyway . French dip is pretty easy to do . I don’t make the beef myself obviously because really , actually there is nothing wrong buying roast beef at the deli counter . I am not ashamed of it . I am not a snob LOL ..

So , there is no particular recipe to make this french dip , all you have to do is just to get roast beef from deli department at your grocery store . I bought Boar’s Head London Broil Roast Beef , i think this one was also low sodium . And then i put mixed a can of Beef Consomme with water and i added little bit more beef broth in it .

And don’t forget about the rolls . I’ve made the hoagie rolls this morning , originally thinking probably to turn this into Philly Cheesesteak but turned out we wanted French Dip . If you don’t plan to make the rolls yourself , just buy it from the store , those Bollilo rolls are good for this too , or just look for hoagie rolls in bread aisle .

Homemade hoagie rolls

And then you need cheese , i use Provolone , but Mozzarella is also good , buy it from the deli and ask if you can have it sliced very thin . The reason you need this to be thin because you will put this on top of the sandwich and then broil it to melt . If it’s too thick it’ll take longer to melt , and that might burn your bread . So thin cheese it is .

When you’re ready for dinner , heat up your au jus , and then once they’re heated , add in the roast beef in there , no need to boil , turn the heat on low . And then cut the hoagie rolls and toast it in the oven , 400 F about 5 minutes . Take it out , start placing the meat on top of the bread , topped it with slice of cheese . Throw it back into the oven , this time , turn the broiler , watch about a minute or so , the cheese will melt by then .

Getting it ready to be toasted in the oven
Place the meat n then cheese on top , put it under broiler for a minute .

Serve and don’t forget to serve it with au jus in a small cup .

This was a very easy and quick dinner , the calories in 1 french dip sandwich is about 593 calories , that includes the rolls obviously .

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