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French Vanilla Ice Cream

Over the weekend i ordered ice cream maker, it’s Cuisinart newest model , forgot exactly what was the series number . But i remember over the christmas , William Sonoma had a christmas sale for that ice cream maker , the price was pretty good , almost like 50% off or something . But i didn’t get it on time , i didn’t get to read the email on time , so it was too late to order it . So , last week i decided to look this up , and i ended up buying myself an ice cream maker .

The package arrived yesterday and i washed the bowl right away and froze it , it needs to stay in the freezer at least 16 hours or overnight , before being able to be used . So , last night i put together the ingredients to make this french vanilla ice cream and let it sit overnight . In order for everything to work right , the bowl needs to be totally chilled , and the ingredients needs also to be chilled .

Finally this morning i got to try making it , and it was awesome , so easy !! Just poured the ingredients i had prepared the night before into the chilled bowl while it’s running , and leave it , i left it going for 18 minutes and the ice cream was done . Amazing , the mixture was just milk and heavy cream , which was runny , but each minutes passed , it got thicker and thicker and finally became ice cream !! And i thought how easy it was .. and i just thought , hmm .. i can always pour the strawberry jam i made during the 2-3 last minutes of churning and i am sure it will become strawberry swirl ice cream !! OMG .. can’t wait to try that .. LOL

Here is recipe for french vanilla ice cream :

1 cup of low fat milk ( u can use whole milk , it’ll be richer in taste )

2 cups of heavy cream

3/4 cup of sugar

vanilla bean , scrapped

1. Whisk together milk and sugar until well combine . Whisk in heavy cream and vanilla bean . Chill overnight .

2. Pour into the ice cream maker bowl , that’s been chilled overnight , let it churn for 15-20 minutes .

3. To make strawberry sunday , i added my home made strawberry jam .

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