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St.Patrick’s day cake

This st.patrick’s day cake is so easy to make . I’ve modified them , by using a cake mix . According to all the people who ate the cake , it’s very delicious and they wonder what the secret ingredients was , some asked if i added nutmeg , or hazelnut in there .. LOL . But my in laws had them , 2 slices each , then my husband had 2 slices too , and a friend of mine at the gym also had 2 slices , and everybody said it’s delicous . Yet , if they only knew , it was so easy to make .. everybody can make this !! The icing was also easy , i used cream cheese whipped cream icing … The only problem i had though , i was in a rush and didn’t wait long enough til the cream cheese comes to room temperature .. and it made it hard to beat it until smooth . So next time , make sure your cream cheese is cool , not quite warm like room temperature , and DO NOT microwave them or else your whip cream will never get thick !!! And you might want to freeze the beater and the bowl before beating the cream cheese and also the whip cream .. it will guarantee the icing to get thick . Anyway .. you only need the white cake mix , and follow the direction on the box and add about 2 tsp. of pandan paste , until you reach the color you wanted . Then bake according direction on the package . Let it cool before taking it out from the pan

For the cream cheese whipped cream icing :

1 package of cream cheese

1 tsp.vanilla

1/2 cup of sugar

1 pint of heavy cream .

Beat the cream cheese until smooth , if not , add little milk at a time , make sure it’s smooth or else the icing will be clumpy . Add vanilla and sugar , beat well . Add the heavy cream on a steady stream while the mixer is running . Keep beating until the cream reached stiff peak and then u should be ready to use it to cover the cake .


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