Chicken Nuggets

I usually don’t eat chicken nuggets , my son would eat it but we usually just get it from Chick fil a , so it’s not quite chicken nugget , more like chicken tender .

This recipe is a friend’s recipe , he was making this nuggets and saw the picture and i thought it was potato patties ( Indonesian food perkedel ) , cos it looks so good , so perfect . Later on he said it was chicken nuggets and he was willing to let me try his recipe to see that it is delicious . So i gladly accepted his recipe , it was indeed turn out to be delicious . My family loved it , even my big boy .. my husband LOL , loved it . My 9 years old of course .. worshiped this chicken nugget . Mom finally made home made chicken nugget !!

Ingredients :

1.5 lbs of chicken tender , or any boneless chicken you can get your hands on

Vegetable oil

salt and ground white pepper
3 tbsp milk powder
3  tbsp cornflour
3 tbsp panko breadcrumb
3 tsp cayenne paper
2 tsp coriander powder

garlic and onion powder

1 egg

flour for dusting , flour and water mixture to dip and panko bread for breading

1. Chop the chicken very finely , use your biggest knife . Then add the rest of ingredients together , mix it by hand . Shape it into your preference .

2. Dust with flour , dip it in mixture of water and flour instead of egg , then roll in panko bread crumbs . Deep fry until it’s golden brown .

chicken nuggets

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