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I have never made braciole before , and i’ve known braciole is an italian dish . But i had no clue what it actually was , even though i heard the name braciole a lot from tv show , Everybody Loves Raymond . Where Ray’s favorite dish was braciole , the one that his mom always makes for him . It’s a good sitcom by the way .

Anyway , today was my first time making braciole . After googling , what it actually was , turned out it’s a rolled up beef with fillings . So after reading and doing my research about the dish , i mixed up my own filling , and they turned out to be delicious . Oh and do use your own home made marinara sauce if you could , the sauce is super easy and really worth it .


Direction : 

1 1/2 lb of flank steak , pounded thin about 3/4 inch thick

1/2 cup of italian bread crumbs

4 slices of pancetta  chopped roughly

2 garlic , minced

1/2 medium onion , diced

bunch of chopped fresh parsley

1/2 cup of fresh grated parmesan

2 tbsp. olive oil

salt and pepper

kitchen twine

1. Pound the flank steak until it’s about 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick

2. Cook the onion , garlic and pancetta until they become caramelized . Set aside in a bowl . Then add bread crumbs , parmesan , parsley , salt , pepper and olive oil . Mix well .

3. Spread the filling on the meat evenly . Start rolling , tightly , and then secure with kitchen twine.

4. Heat up olive oil on a heat proof skillet , sear the meat all over , for a total of 8 minutes . Add 1 cup of white wine and scrape off the bits .

5. Add about 3-4 cups of the marinara sauce on the skillet . Then place the skillet in the oven , bake for total of 2 hours , at 350 F , basting every 30 minutes . And cover up with foil , the last 30 mins take the foil off .

For the marinara sauce : 

4 garlic cloves , minced

bunch of basil , chopped

2 sprigs of oregano , chopped

2 cans of whole peeled tomatoes with the juice

salt , pepper , sugar

1. Heat up olive oil in a pot , then add the garlic , basil , oregano and chopped chili ( optional ) , for a minute or so until fragrant . Then add the tomatoes . Bring to boil , simmer for an hour . Add salt , pepper and sugar if necessary to tone down the acidity .

2. Mash up the tomatoes , or you can use immersion blender to make the sauce super smooth of chunky .


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