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Kimchi Fried Rice with Bacon and Shiitake Mushroom

When i made my kimchi , i made a big batch of it , so sometimes i felt like what should i do with this ? It’s like a kimchi overload happened in my fridge . My husband’s favourite dish with kimchi is kimchi stew , that was also my favorite . One morning i decided to try to throw together kimchi omelette , and that worked pretty good too , nothing to it , just beaten eggs , salt pepper and rice wine . This time i tried to make kimchi fried rice . As always my guidance is the korean food website Maangchi . Fried rice is everywhere in asia , but you have so many different kind . Being from Indonesia , my favorite is Indonesian Fried Rice , i think nothing can beat that . But nothing wrong with trying new stuff .. so there it goes my kimchi fried rice . As long as you have leftovers rice , and kimchi and hot pepper paste , you’re set to go . That’s about all the ingredients going into kimchi fried rice . I happened to have bacon on hand , so i cooked the bacon ,used some of the bacon grease to saute the chopped kimchi , and added the sliced shiitake mushroom . Then i added hot pepper paste and finally the rice itself . The result was delicious , although it was a little sour , until i added a little sugar . I also added scrambled eggs into the fried rice .

kimchi fried rice

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