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I happened to make indonesian spring rolls wrapper when i thought about crepes . How similar they are , and i thought shouldn’t be much difference in the ingredients . Lumpia wrapper is exactly like crepes , but i think crepes is slightly thicker than the lumpia .

So using the same ingredients i used for lumpia , with added a little sugar , i made crepe wrapper . Next time i will try to make it the right way , with milk and butter . Thought i found nothing wrong without any milk or butter . I used hazelnut as the filling for this crepe , it also reminds me when i was younger , there used to be a shop that sells traditional snack , they sold this kind of crepe , folded this way but they used vanilla custard as it’s filling , and i thought that would be a great mid-afternoon , after school snack too . For now , this is my simple no fancy smancy hazelnut crepe

Ingredients :

Flour , pinch of salt , mix together . Add 1 egg , add water until the batter is thin enough for you to be able to swirl it around the non stick skillet . Cook for 1 minute under low medium heat . Add your fillings .

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