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Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is one of our favorite vegetable . They’re widely available during early spring time , once spring is over , chances are , it’s be hard to find any fresh asparagus in the market . I never really cared about canned asparagus , just like any other vegetables , i like them thousand times better than having them straight from the can . That’s why i always get vegetables when they’re in season , if not , then find something else , that way , you don’t need to eat veggies from can .

So , since asparagus is one of our favorite , i found a super easy way to make it a yummy side dish . Asparagus comes in 2 colors , white and green . For white asparagus , i remember when i was small , during a wedding party , they always served this soup , asparagus soup with real crab meat , and it is OMG .. delicious !!! I never tried to re-create that dish yet , it’s not easy to find white asparagus . Green asparagus is super easy to find . First before you wash the asparagus , cut the thick end of the asparagus , it’s easy to break with just hand without necessary used of a knife . Then wash them , and lay them on the cookie sheet , and then sprinkle with little mix of olive oil and sesame oil , add little garlic powder and onion powder , kosher salt , and sesame seed . Mix well , and bake at 425 F for about 10-12 minutes . And your side dish is ready !!

roasted asparagus

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