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Mixed Vegetables with Rice

Or in Korean , you can call it Bibimbap . In my opinion , Bibimbap needs a little work , chopping , slicing , etc . And cooking them separately , but i think it really worth the time . It is delicious , and not only that , it’s very healthy too , since it has lots of vegetables and you can always pick the protein of your choice , fish , beef , chicken , pork or even just egg . One thing you need for sure is the hot pepper paste . I don’t think you can find this in regular grocer , you have to get it from the Korean market .

Anyway , i learned a lot of Korean cooking fromthis website . She has tons of wonderful recipes and super easy to follow , and i adjust it to my personal taste .I love spicy food , so if you are a spicy food lover , i think you will like korean food too .

When i make this bibimbap , i used the earthen ware , it’s a bowl , where you can use for cooking on the stove and it keeps food warm / hot for a long time . If you don’t have it , you can use regular bowl , but i would cook the egg first , at least poach it or something , if you do have an earthenware , then i think it’ll be okay to put raw egg in there cos the bowl will be hot , assuming you will put the bowl on the stove , and it gets really hot , with hot rice etc , and mix them all up , it’ll be cooked enough .

You need :

cooked rice

1 carrot, cooked , add pinch of salt , cook about a minute or so

2 cups worth of mixed white and shiitake mushroom, add sugar , soy sauce

1 zucchini , add pinch of salt , cook for a minute or two

2 cups worth of soybean sprout , boiled for 10 minutes , then add garlic , soy sauce

bunch of spinach , boiled for a minute , then add garlic and soy sauce

1 egg

1 lb of ground beef , extra lean , add bulgogi sauce , garlic

Add sesame oil on your bowl , then add hot rice in it , add the rest vegetable like the picture and 1-2 tbsp. of hot pepper paste and mix !


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