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Creamy Mashed Potato

This is one reason i never like instant mashed potato . Instant mashed potato grosses me out , and makes me hate eating mashed potato . It’s a different story if we’re talking about a real home made mashed potato . There is nothing to hate about home made mashed potato , in fact i love it !! People think making mashed potato is hard , that’s probably why a lot of us choose instant mashed potato .

Home made mashed potato is so easy and you can season it as much as you like or just leaving it plain . All you need just potatoes , margarine , milk , salt , pepper , spices ( optional ) and you’re done ! This mashed potato in the picture , i used combination of red mashed potato and yukon gold potatoes , i diced them ,and then boil it until it’s soft , using a fork , if you can stab it with fork easily , that means it’s ready to be mashed . Drain it , return to the pot , and then add margarine , while you mashed it . If you have a hand mixer , you can use that , or you can always use a potato masher , and add milk a little at a time while you mashed it , until the consistency is reached . The rest , just up to you , you can add just salt and pepper , or add chopped green onion for a hint of it , or you can add garlic powder , onion powder . Or you can put few cloves of fresh garlic while boiling the potatoes and mash them all together , for garlic mashed potato .

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