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    Steamed Brownies w/ Cheese Filling

    Few months ago my cousin’s wife in Indonesia gave me this recipe , at the time i was in the mood for some indonesian traditional snack , she came across this recipe and thought about giving it to me . Brownie Kukus or we call it steamed brownies , i’ve heard about this , but never made it myself . So i thought , why not trying it today , i am stuck at home anyway , since my son is being grounded for the day which means he can’t play or watch tv , if i take him to the gym , he’d be able to play and watch…

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    Bolu Kukus

    Believe it or not , i’ve tried to make this certain cakes for 5 times , the first 4 times i failed ! And i thought .. what the heck ? This cake is so easy .. it’s not as hard as making black forest cake , or eclairs or even bread !!! It is called bolu kukus , it has a very smooth and soft texture , and it’s steamed , no oil , no butter , so i think this cake is quite healthy just the way it is . But i failed 4 times !! What went wrong ? Well i tried again , following what…

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    Molten Lava Cakes

    For quite sometime i’ve thought about this certain dessert . I am not a chocolate lover , they’re alright to me , and i can live without it . LOL .. But this one dessert was kinda interesting to try , and when you go chain restaurant over here , most of them , serve this kind of cake , lava cake . Why do they call this lava cake ? Because when you cut them , you should see the inside oozes out and it’s all nothing but chocolate !! It seems very delicious .. i never had them before , i’ve seen them , but never did try…