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    Parker House Rolls

    I made parker house rolls before , but this one is definately the best i ever had . It is so light and fluffy and not to mention it’s sweet . It almost tastes like Hawaiian Sweet Bread .. or maybe i should call it .. ” Almost Hawaiian Sweet Bread ” LOL .. Like any other bread making , it takes time and patience , especially when you do it manually . Luckily i have a bread machine to do the dough for me . Although it took a little preparation , warming up the milk , mixed with butter , and proofing the yeast , but it’s not…

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    Baquette ( French Bread)

    I tried making this french bread this afternoon . Turned out that it was pretty good and easy too . It does not really matter if you have bread machine or not , except , bread machine helps you with the time . Making bread by hand could be time consuming , although i still do enjoy it . I made this french bread earlier using my bread machine , i let my bread machine takes care of the dough , once the dough cycle is done , i took it out and let it fermented a little bit more . Then i took it out and instead of punched…

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    Challah ( Jewish Egg Bread )

    So , i am not jewish , i am just a chinese indonesian girl who likes to eat challah .. LOL I guess i was in the mood of bread baking , esp. with my newly cleaned bread machine that’s been sitting in the storage room ever since we received this as our wedding  shower gift . LOL .. Back then i barely able to bake or cook .. i was just a wife who didn’t know how to cook or bake , well i could boil water and made instant noodles , that’s about it . Let alone baking a bread . Although bread machine is really easy to…

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    Olivia’s Sweet Dinner Rolls

    I love bread !! I love making bread .. especially the smell of the dough rising .. and then when you have them baking in the oven , your house is full with freshly baked bread .. I just love everything about homemade bread . In this particular recipe , i didn’t even use my mixer or kneading it by hand .. i just let my bread machine did all the work . The result was a yummy sweet dinner rolls . Super easy and super tasty , of course , if you do not have a bread machine , you can always use your hand , mix it with…

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    Deviled Eggs

    Do Not ask me why they named this deviled eggs .. Maybe because they’re so good and yummy but not good for your health ? Maybe because you cannot stop just from eating 1 ? Considering how much the cholesterol in the egg yolks ? Mind you , the egg whites are full of protein that is good for you , but without the yolk , what’s the point of making deviled eggs ? Deviled eggs , mostly popular during easter time . I’ve been in charged to make deviled eggs since i had my easter dinner with my husband’s side of the family . Of course Americans always have…