Waggin’ Tails Crew Dog Treats

Waggin’ Tails Crew is a home made treats especially made for our four legged friends . We own 3 dogs , and when it’s time to buy their treats , we spent quite a bit , after a while i got tired of spending so much money on dog treats , and plus not to mention about where the food comes from , if it’s safe for them , and all the ingredients , preservatives etc .

So , after we adopted our third dog , i started making my own dog treats . Our dog treats aren’t fancy looking dog treats , but they’re home made , without any preservatives , i use whole wheat flour for all their cookies , using ingredients that us , human , eat too , such as honey , eggs , peanut butter , cheese , vegetables and fruits . As it turned out , my dogs love LOVE LOVE the cookies , they would sit there patiently waiting for me to finish making them , one of them would sit and lay in front of the oven and i have to push her to move out of the way so that i can open the oven door .

 doggie biscuit2


Based on my own personal experience ,  i would like to share our home made dog treats with all of you , who loves and cares for your furbabies . I am sure you want to make sure they get the best and yummiest cookie with ingredients that are healthy for them .

doggie biscuit3


To order , please call 832-305-5671 or email me at liv@oliviaskitchen.net

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies $12.00/ pound 


doggie biscuit1 dog biscuit6

Peanut Butter Bacon Treats $15.00/pound

peanut butter bacon cookies  peanut butter bacon cookie


Cheddar – Beef Cookies $15.00/pound

beef cheddar cookies  beef cheddar cookies1

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  1. Wow! All of these treats look great!


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