Rice Pudding

Few weeks ago while i was finishing up with my work out at the gym , a friend of mine ,  named Rose , came by and we had a chat . Little did i know that she just turned vegetarian since 5-6 months ago , then we ended up talking about rice , how much we both love rice . Except i don’t like brown rice , while for her , that’s all she eats ! Then she ended up telling me about how good this rice pudding was , and told me if i liked rice , coconut milk , i probably would love this rice pudding .

Just last week we met again , and she had recipe in her bag and gave it to me , the recipe of rice pudding . I decided to try it that night when i got home , and while the boys were away for swimming lesson . Turned out it was very easy and delicious . It reminds me of indonesian dessert called Ketan , except they use sticky rice , and coconut milk later on , not while cooking it . I love this rice pudding , very delicious . Although Rose told me she likes to put nutmeg in there , i don’t think i like nutmeg in cookies or any kind of dessert . To me , nutmeg belongs to cooking stuff .. not baking .. LOL That’s just the way i was raised i guess .. i always had nutmeg for soup .. but not cookies . While people here using it the other way around ..

For recipe click here

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