Holiday cookies

I guess i had just started my holiday baking cookies .. Okay , it started with the chocolate hazelnut cookies , which i think is so delicious !! So nutty .. and not to mention i am a big fan of hazelnut .

So , yesterday during bad weather day , we had a blizzard condition , although we ended up with only couple inches of snow , the wind was brutal !! Snow drifts were high , anyway , me and my son ended up baking cookies . Butter knot cookies , has a texture like pineapple cookies from Indonesia , where they call Nastar with pineapple filling . The knot cookies was cute , i didn’t have pearl sugar on hand , i just used the christmas sprinkles on it . And then in the morning i made these butter horns , with ground walnut filling , and ended the night with speculaas , spiced cookies with the shape of gingerbread man . Will post the recipes later on tonight .

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