Flavored Meringue

Last spring i made a batch of these meringue and my son loves it . He’s been asking for it over and over and i always had something else to do … too busy doing this or doing that , or sometimes , just plain too lazy . But today , before i went to pick him up , i decided to take some eggs out , because i’d need it to come to a room temperature , although i could always put them in luke warm water for 30 minutes and they should be ready .

Anyway … before dinner i decided to make these meringue , they’re super easy , of course no flour needed , it’s meringue , it’s just sugar and egg whites . I added espresso powder to add the flavor , so it’s not only sweet , the only thing with this , it takes a while to make . The baking time is about an hour , but the cooling down period takes about 2 hours in the oven that’s been shut off . I am still waiting for this meringue to get done .. But i guess they’re worth it . I also used the pastry bag to make them into nice pretty little shapes instead of a dollop of meringue .. LOL , they’re pretty ,i can’t wait to have a bite of it .

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