Pumpkin Roll

So , a friend of mine , well he’s the guy in the front desk at the gym , had mentioned about pumpkin rolls for the past 2 days . He’s excited about making it for this thanksgiving and asked me question if it is okay to add more pumpkin puree than the recipe calls because his baking sheet is not really the precise jelly roll pan . LOL .. I said no .. because baking is about being exact .. you miss measurement , you can mess up the whole thing ..

Anyway i was intrique with the idea of making pumpkin roll . I am not a big fan of pumpkin roll myself , i don’t even like pumpkin pie , that was 10 years ago , on my wedding rehearsal when i was served pumpkin pie .. being me .. i love trying new things , i am always up to taste anything new . So there i was trying pumpkin pie .. but i didn’t like it . Since then i never even had a bite of any pumpkin pie or pumpkin roll , during my years of baking .. i only baked pumpkin bread once , and that was because i had to bring some dessert to the hospital where i had the lamaze class .

So , earlier i decided to try making this sucker , wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be . The cake was pretty quick and easy to make , and then rolling them up was a trick , cos you have to sprinkle powder sugar on that damp towel , or else your cake will stick pretty good and you would not have a cake to roll LOL .. The filling was okay .. i wasn’t so much into icing , that’s probably why i didn’t care much about it . I don’t like icing , that includes cream cheese icing on carrot cake , i prefer just the cake . The same way with this pumpkin roll , but then if i didn’t put icing then it wouldn’t be called pumpkin rolls .. LOL ..

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