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Vegetable Beef Soup

So i had a package of petite boneless steak in the fridge , thawing out since thursday where i originally thought was going to use it for Beef Rendang . Ended up with the idea this morning , why not making Beef Soup instead of the Rendang , and beside all the soup we’ve made it’s always been chicken soup .. chicken soup .. and chicken soup .

Then , this afternoon i started preparing stuff for the soup , chopped all the fresh vegetable . The only frozen vegetable i used was green beans , i didn’t have any fresh ones on hand . The soup turned out wonderful .. i was going to add Worcestershire sauce , but instead i picked up balsamic vinegar , and i already poured it in when i realize it’s not the sauce i wanted !! LOL , thank god the taste was still great , in fact it was so beefy and was so yummy !! I added some orzo to make it a hearty one pot meal .Serve it with parker house rolls on the side .

I really don’t have any exact measurement for this soup .. But here is the list of ingredients you need :

1 package of boneless petite steak , cube

3 medium carrots , sliced

3 stalks of cellery , chopped

2 small onions , sliced / chopped

green beans

5 cloves of garlic

1 -15 oz can diced tomatoes

5 beef granules/ cubes


italian seasoning , garlic powder , onion powder , pepper and salt

fresh parsley , chopped

2 sprigs of fresh thyme leaves

2 bay leaves

1. In a pot heat vegetable oil to brown the beef cubes on both side , sprinkle with salt and pepper . Once both sides are brown , add the onion , garlic and cook few minutes , stirring occasionally .

2. Add water about 2 quarts , add beef cubes , add diced tomatoes with its juice , and then cook for a while . Add the rest of the vegetable when the beef is started to get slightly tender , you don’t want to overcook your vegetable and becomes mushy . The beef might take longer time to get really tender , that’s why u don’t want to rush putting in the vegetable into the pot . Just time it right .

3. Then simmer until the beef is tender . Take out the sprigs and the leaves , add orzo , let it cook until it’s done , then serve with dinner rolls .

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