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Bean Sprout Soup ( Kongnamulguk )

I have been wanting to try to make this soup , since couple of weeks ago when i complained that my son is catching cold . But we all know , americans don’t usually eat bean sprout , so finding them , is kinda hard . Luckily , the past couple of weeks , i’ve been shopping at Meijer , and happily i found that they do carry beansprout with a reasonable price .

So , after working out this morning , still on my working out short and sweatshirt , stopped at that grocery store . Mind you, it was 40 F outside , people probably think i was a lil crazy .. LOL . At home , i started getting it ready , it was easy and quick , the recipe was from Maangchi , the korean lady who teaches all of us online people how to cook korean food .

Turned out the soup was so yummy , no wonder she said it’s good for cold , because just from having few times , it made my nose runny . And i love spicy stuff , just never thought it was this hot LOL .. My husband who originally refused to eat bean sprout , decided to try it . And he said the broth is really good and surprisingly , he did finish the whole bowl , not only the broth but also with the bean sprout !!

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