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Spicy Meatballs w/ Linguine

I made this meatballs for dinner , it wasn’t hard to make at all . Instead of using ground beef , i used ground turkey , you can say i try to eat better , but not really .. since i added another package of sweet and spicy italian sausage . The result ? It’s like the best meatballs i ever had !! Delicious and yummy .. not to mention they’re big LOL .. Oh another thing .. not to mention my kitchen doesn’t get messy .. because these balls were baked in the oven !!!

Made the bread crumbs myself too , and also made our home made pasta sauce to go along with the meatballs . The only thing that was not the greatest was my choice of pasta , i picked whole wheat linguine .. it wasn’t the greatest . I guess if you’re trying to eat healthy then whole wheat pasta would be a better choice , but this was not good at all . It could be that it’s been sitting out by itself for few hours without being covered .. who knows .. I would rather regular pasta though ..

Still the meatballs and the sauce were delicious !!Might be able to make a meatball sandwich too , just have to make the rolls and will be able to have meatball sandwich 🙂

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