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Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce

All i can say is delicious !!!

A long time ago when i was just started learning to cook , i depend on jar sauce , not knowing how nasty jar sauce / store bought sauce tastes like . That’s all i knew .. that’s all we know , we thought all pasta sauce should taste like store bought / jar sauce . Boy .. was i wrong !! What have i been missing for all those years ?

After my son was born , i obviously started to spend more time to learn to cook and bake , and that includes making a home made pasta sauce . Yes , it takes time , not just like store bought sauce , where you can just dump it in the pan along with the meat and warm it up and voila .. it’s done . Home made sauce takes time ,a little time , not like you’re going to spend the whole day in the kitchen making pasta sauce . Esp. nowadays they have the convenience where you don’t have to peel and steam / boil your own fresh tomatoes .. you can always use the whole peeled tomatoes from the jar .

So , i have this one recipe , called roasted garlic pasta sauce , i am a garlic lover , and this sauce was heavenly !! Ever since i found this pasta sauce , i always .. ALWAYS use this for most of my pasta dish . It is delicious .. even though at first i wasn’t sure that i wanted to put 3 whole heads of garlic cloves into the pot .. i thought 3 heads of garlic is A LOT .. But it’s not like you’re going to leave the garlic in there anyway , i took them out before i used the sauce . I also loved this sauce chunky as it is , or sometimes i used my immersion blender to smooth the sauce . It’s your choice ..

For recipe click here

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