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Chicken Milanese & French Onion Soup

Made french onion soup tonight , with chicken milanese topped with fresh spinach for dinner . I love french onion soup , who doesn’t like french onion soup ? When i heard people saying yuck to french onion soup .. i would think they never taste a great home made french onion soup . I had canned french onion soup and of course it doesn’t have a great taste like a homemade soup does .. of course it would traumatize you enough to think that french onions soup is yuck .. Anyway .. this homemade onion soup is super good , especially when you put them under the broiler to melt the cheese and served it with french baquette . Unfortunately i was busy enough to do the baquette .. and i didn’t have the gruyere cheese on hand . I do however have mozzarella cheese .. which will work just fine .

For chicken milanese , it’s just like chicken parmigiana , minus the sauce on top . It’s quite bland , but i used panko bread to make it crunchier and added a little garlic powder , salt and pepper into the batter , along with freshly grated parmesan cheese . It was a good dinner !

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